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Former Florida executive, George Scorsis has experience in working in a number of highly regulated industries, ranging from energy drinks, alcohol, medical cannabis, and as of today, medical psilocybin. His experience has left him with a skillset that enables him to scale-up businesses despite stringent regulatory conditions. 


Since February 2019, George has served as the executive chairman of Entourage Health, formerly known as WeedMD, a publicly traded company that produces cannabis products for both medical and recreational use.


Throughout his career, George Scorsis has also had multiple leadership positions, including the Managing Director of Red Bull Canada, Executive Chairman of Starseed, Chairman of Tassili Life Sciences, Chairman of Awakn Life Sciences, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Scythian Biosciences Corp.


Between 2012 and 2015, George sat on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Beverage Association, a natural extension of his prior expertise from his executive career with Bacardi Canada and as the President of Red Bull Canada. He played an instrumental role in not only restructuring the organization but also growing the business to $150 million in revenue. Earlier in his career, he also had the opportunity to work closely with Health Canada on guidelines to regulate the energy drink market.


Today, George Scorsis is interested in the business opportunities within the clinical applications of psychedelics as well as plant-based medicines. He believes in the power of psychedelics, paired with proper treatment, believing they offer possibilities as alternative medical treatments. 


He previously served as the Chairman of Tassili Life Sciences Corp., which intends to substantiate that measured and timely doses of Psilocybin+CBD will enhance the psychological effectiveness of Post-Concussion Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder treatments.


Most recently, George became a member of the board of directors of PlantFuel, a  plant-based wellness company.


George Scorsis earned his Bachelor in Administrative Studies from York University in Toronto before receiving an MBA from Queen’s University.


Beyond his career, George Scorsis is actively involved in philanthropy, particularly in Toronto. He has contributed to the betterment of his community and has supported the efforts of a number of organizations in Canada.


When he can, he enjoys visiting his family’s place of origin, Rhodes, Greece. He is deeply connected to his roots and to his family, having had the opportunity to visit relatives in Greece throughout his childhood and as an adult. He enjoys traversing the countryside by motorcycle stopping to admire the stunning vistas, finding delicious cuisine, and interacting with the locals.

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